Shaka / Zulu's Cheema-Jah

(Sept 1990 - March 2011)

This is my African Serval cat.
I purchased her from a breeder in Winnipeg in 1990 and she has been my guardian ever since.
She acts more like a dog than a cat, playing in the water at Parlee Beach and retrieving toys.
I try to take her to special events to help educate the public about the species.
She seems to enjoy all the attention and loves to pose for the cameras.
The African Serval is a member of the Cheetah family and is native only to Africa.
The males can reach 45 pounds but the females are usually under 40 pounds.
A full grown Serval can easily stretch across your living room sofa and leave you sitting on the floor!
When Cheema arrived in my home almost 21 years ago there was very little information available.
I researched Servals for 7 years before buying Cheema and still it was a real learning experience.
I relied on her breeder for much of her health issues because the vets were not familiar with Servals.
Today you can access hundreds of informative websites about Servals and other exotic animals.

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